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Why You Should Learn Python in 2023

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learn python in 2023
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Why Should Learn Python in 2023

In 2023, why learn Python? There are numerous factors, some pertaining to employment and income and others to personal growth. I’ll explain why learning Python should be one of your New Year’s resolutions in this article.

You arrived here because you’re unsure of the benefits of beginning your Python studies. Perhaps you want more information because you haven’t made up your mind yet. The analytical mindset is the first indication that you might end up being a programmer. The results come after the data.

I’ve compiled some justifications in this article to assist you in deciding whether or not you ought to learn Python. Here are my top five justifications for learning Python.

5 Arguments for Learning Python

  1. Python Is Easy to Learn

Python is the ideal choice as a beginner programming language. Don’t worry if you are completely ignorant of Python or just starting your learning process. Python is a very user-friendly programming language with a modest learning curve for beginners.

I strongly advise you to look at our PYTHON BASICS mini-track if you want to start learning Python online. It will provide you with a strong starting point for your programming endeavors. 

As of the time this article was written, PYTHON BASICS: PART 1 of the Python track is totally free. You can decide if programming is right for you with the help of this fantastic interactive course.

Why is Python such a beginner-friendly language? First of all, Python upholds ethical coding standards. It places a strong emphasis on syntax readability, encouraging you to create tidy code with regular indentation and minimal redundancy (e.g. useless parentheses or brackets). 

Python is strongly typed, which helps you avoid potential compilation errors by preventing you from combining different data types. Our daily lives as developers are made easier by the awesome BUILT-IN FUNCTIONS that Python provides.

  1. Python Developers Are in High Demand and Paid

If you use the search term PYTHON in Google Trends, you’ll see that interest in Python has been steadily rising over the past ten years:

Python is one of the MOST WANTED PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES for professional developers in 2022, according to Stack Overflow. Nearly 18% of developers who do not currently use Python have expressed an interest in doing so. It’s a lot, that!

Why is Python so popular now? In the 1990s and early 2000s, Python gained popularity as a scripting language. The growing significance of data science and machine learning has given it a second life. Python is used by almost all contemporary tech firms, such as Google and Netflix.

There are many career paths available in Python, so don’t be concerned about professional opportunities. These include data scientists and range from software developers to moral hackers. The national average salary for a Python developer in the United States is over $110,000 per year, according to Zip Recruiter. Very good!

I highly recommend the mini-track PYTHON FOR DATA SCIENCE on RiseInstitute.tech if you’re interested in a Career in Data Science. It lays the coding foundations required to begin working in the data science field. You’ll be able to create straightforward data processing scripts and data visualizations once you’ve finished it. You’ll be equipped to continue your education in Python or another programming language of your choice.

  1. Python Can Be Used For Everything

Python is a general-purpose programming language that is employed in the creation of financial predictive models, web development, data analytics, AI and machine learning, among other things. One of the most popular languages used by data scientists to clean, visualize, and create machine learning models is Python.

In the area of fraud detection, data models are used very effectively. To discover associations and rules, historical data is analyzed, processed, and segmented. These are used to draw conclusions about a pattern that might stop fraudulence in the future.

Python is also used for scripting, and scripts written in it can be run directly from the server’s command line without having to first be compiled. This makes it possible for simple and quick automation tasks. For instance, after several reminders, you can run a script on a recurring basis to deactivate website users who haven’t renewed their membership.

For test automation, Python is frequently used. It’s simple to create test cases, and excellent testing libraries like UNITTEST or PYTEST are widely accessible.

  1. Awesome Community of Python Users

A sizable and welcoming developer community exists for Python, and it frequently contributes to the development of new libraries and features. On THE OFFICIAL REPOSITORY PYPI, a tons of incredible and cost-free Python packages and libraries can be found. The Python community produced NUMPY, one of the most well-known Python libraries. Data scientists now depend on this library, which makes working with big data structures possible.

Along with excellent, well-documented web and app development frameworks, Python also has DJANGO and FLASK.

Don’t worry if you are having trouble programming in Python. On question-and-answer websites like Stack Overflow, where thousands of unseen heroes offer assistance to one another every day, you are likely to find the solution you need. There are more than 2 MILLION Python-related questions on Stack Overflow, so there’s a good chance that someone else has already solved a problem like yours!

Python Offers a Variety of Learning Resources

There are countless resources and training options available if you want to learn Python. You can read books, watch tutorials and YouTube videos, among many other options, in addition to the OFFICIAL DOCUMENTATION.

However, I advise taking an interactive online course to learn Python. You get knowledge from this, as well as the chance to put it into practice. You can read a lot of books and watch a lot of videos on YouTube, but writing actual code is the only way to improve your skills. Interactive courses are the quickest and easiest way to learn to write code. And to become an expert, you’ll need to practice a lot!

Discover Python Today!

Did reading this article make you want to learn Python? So don’t think twice! You will discover all the tools and assistance you need to become an expert in Python; your Python journey has only just begun. This awesome track on Rise Institute will teach you the foundations of Python programming, and I highly recommend it.

What are you still holding out for? Discover Python now!

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Rise Institute is committed to helping students secure placements in reputed organizations after the completion of their Python training program. The institute has tie-ups with many leading companies in the industry, and they regularly conduct campus placements for their students. Additionally, the institute offers interview preparation sessions, resume building workshops, and other career-related services to ensure that students are well-equipped to face the job market.

In summary, if you’re looking for the best Python training institute in Mumbai with 100% placement support, Rise Institute is an excellent choice. With its experienced faculty, practical approach, and industry tie-ups, it can help you achieve your career goals in the field of Python programming.