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3 Hours Master Class of Data Science

Whether you're a beginner eager to dive into the fundamentals or an experienced data enthusiast looking to sharpen your skills, this workshop offers a comprehensive blend of theory and hands-on experience.

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About Offline & Online Data Science Course Overview

Rise Institute offers courses based on both theoretical concepts and practical knowledge to assist people and organizations in succeeding. Our reputation in the industry speaks for itself. In order to develop a solution that meets your learning needs, Rise Institute provide the best value in training services along with the assistance of our creative minds. We do more than just provide training; we also aid in career development and leadership development.

Overview: In this Masterclass, we’ll delve into the world of SQL with a focus on a Mini Project.

– Topics Covered:

  • Basic SQL Commands
  •  Understanding the differences between SQL, PLSQL, and TSQL
  •  Creating a Dimensional Model for the Mini Project
  • Establishing connections between Power BI and SQL in the Project

-Additional Resources:
– Assignments to reinforce learning
– Detailed notes for reference
– Access to sample codes for hands-on practice

With the increase in the need for data-driven solutions for business organizations, there is a rapid increase in the requirement for data scientists with appropriate Data Science skills.

This Data Science Training Online will help you master skills like SQL, Power BI and Python for Data Science, machine learning, data structures, storytelling, AI, Power BI, etc. This certification can quickly accelerate your career in this evolving domain and take it to the next level.

In India, PayScale reports an average data scientist salary of INR 8,74,528 in 2023. According to Glassdoor and Indeed, the average annual salary for data scientists in the United States in 2023 is around US$125,660 and US$122,801, respectively.

Data Science is important as it helps us derive valuable insights from vast amounts of data. By analyzing patterns and trends, businesses can make informed decisions that enhance efficiency and improve customer experiences. It allows organizations to predict future trends, identify opportunities, and mitigate risks. Data Science plays an important role in advanced research and innovation in various fields, such as healthcare, finance, and technology. The importance of Data Science lies in its ability to turn raw data into actionable intelligence, driving progress and success across diverse industries.

Some of the core responsibilities of data scientists are:

  1. Understand the Problem: Data scientists should be aware of the business pain points and ask the right questions.
  2. Collect Data: They need to collect enough data to understand the problem at hand and better solve it in terms of time, money, and resources.
  3. Process the Raw Data: We rarely use data in its original form, and it must be processed. There are several ways to convert it into a usable format.
  4. Explore the Data: After processing data and converting it into a usable form, data scientists must examine it to determine its characteristics and find evident trends, correlations, and more.
  5. Analyze the Data: To understand the data, they use various tool libraries, such as machine learning, statistics and probability, time series analysis, and more.
  6. Communicate Results: At last, results must be communicated to the right stakeholders, laying the groundwork for all identified issues.

Data science is a great career choice for anyone interested in using their skills to solve real-world problems and make a difference. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs in the field of Data Science is going to grow by 27.9% each year. This means data scientists are in high demand across all industries, and they have the opportunity to work on a variety of interesting and challenging projects. Data scientists also have good job security, opportunities for advancement, and competitive salaries.

Yes, this Data Science Course is designed to develop strong foundational skills with advanced concepts delivered to you as capstone projects that present a great option to test your learning.

Many top companies hire data scientists. A few of them are Amazon, Google, IBM, Facebook, Microsoft, Walmart, Target, Visa, Bank of America, Accenture, Fractal Analytics, etc. Enrolling in a Data Science Course would open doors to opportunities available in all such companies.

Typically, the data scientist certification course completion varies, but learners can expect a swift transition to Data Science after fulfilling course requirements successfully.

These are the Data Science projects covered in this Data Science Course:

  • Face Detection

The Face Detection project in this Data Science Course uses machine learning and image processing to explore computer vision. It develops models to find and recognize faces in pictures.

  • AI Chatbot

In this AI Chatbot project that teaches you about natural language processing and machine learning you will make chatbots that are smart and can understand and respond to users, which will make the user experience better and increase automation.

  • Restaurant Revenue Prediction

The Restaurant Revenue Prediction uses historical data and machine learning to forecast restaurant revenues, and helps with financial planning.

  • Build the Book Recommender Application

This Book Recommender Application uses data filtering and machine learning. This app suggests books that match your interests. It uses Data Science to enhance your digital reading.

  • Census Project

The Census Project in this Data Science Course helps you analyze and visualize demographic data to find trends and insights. It shows how Data Science can inform policy-making and social research.

  • Housing Price Prediction

In the Housing Price Prediction project, you will study regression analysis and predictive modeling. You will create algorithms to forecast housing prices using different factors. This project shows how Data Science affects real estate and investment strategies.

  • HR Analytics

In the HR Analytics project, you’ll use data analysis and predictive modeling to find patterns and predict employee behavior and turnover. This shows how Data Science can help with human resource strategies and organizational management.

  • Joke Rating Prediction

The Joke Rating Prediction project lets you analyze user responses and predict joke ratings. You can use Data Science to understand consumer preferences and optimize content.

There are numerous job opportunities available for data scientists after enrolling in this Data Science Course, like:

  • Data Analyst
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Statistician
  • Data Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Architect
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Reserve a Seat for INR ₹ 99/- Date:- 05/05/2024 & Time:- 12 pm

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Who can apply for the Data Scientist Training?

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What role does a Data Scientist play?

Data Scientist

Design and implement scalable codes alongside effectively developing high-quality applications.

Analytics and Insights Analyst

Develop solutions for fixing quality issues in the data upon investigating the reported errors in the data.

AI & ML Engineer

Use Lambda functions and API Gateway to integrate machine learning models into web apps and deploy models in SageMaker.

Data Engineer & Data Analyst

Perform data cleansing, and data transformation, analyze the outcomes, and present the insights in reports and dashboards.

Junior Data Scientist

Analyze the operating behavior using advanced statistical techniques and tools. Also, create algorithms with prescriptive and descriptive methods.

Applied Scientist

Derive intelligence for business products through designing and developing machine learning models.

Reserve a Seat for INR ₹ 99/- Date:- 05/05/2024 & Time:- 12 pm

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