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5 Best Data Science Courses in Mumbai with Placements

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Are you trying to find top 5 data science courses in Mumbai? Then you are at the right place. Rise Institute is at your service. Rise Institute excels in providing data science courses in Mumbai. It is always difficult to choose the best Data Science Institute. Choosing the right institute can make all the difference. Rise Institute created the list so that students could easily access the information and satisfy their curiosity. Rise Institute wishes you the best of luck and continued success.

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Netflix, the popular streaming service, faced the challenge of providing personalized recommendations to its vast user base. With a diverse library of content, it aimed to enhance user satisfaction by delivering content suggestions that aligned with individual preferences. What did we learn here? Change is the law of nature. Rise Institute believes in taking actions accordingly.

Data Science is the new change. Everything is going digital and we are sure that you also have an online presence and have seen technology helps in easing the task. Rise Institute offers data science course in Mumbai with placement for people to access the benefits of data science so that they can either scale their business or learn skill for career, uplifting their personal growth and career opportunity.

Benefits of Data Science

Data Science Courses in Mumbai

  • Informed Decision-Making
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Improved Opeerational Efficiency
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Innovation and Product Development

The extensive reach and accessibility of data science in Mumbai make it an attractive option for a diverse audience who wants to learn data science. Various data science institutes in the city provide a multiple of opportunities. Each institute has its own distinct vision, goals, and mission. However, a common thread among them all is a shared commitment to the success of their students. Our compiled list highlights the unique aspects of each institute, empowering readers to evaluate and choose the institution that aligns with their preferences. Some of the focus points covered in the list include

  • Experience of teachers
  • Associated Institutetions
  • Training and placements
  • Atrributes and vision
  • Mentor Support
  • Course Modules

Each individual harbors a dream, and a shared aspiration among these dreams is the pursuit of a successful and peaceful life. The field of data science offers a lot of roles and responsibility. With dedication and a commitment to excellence, individuals can climb to new heights in various subsectors of data science.

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Predictive Modeler
  • Business Intelligence (Bi) Analyst

Top 5 Data Science Institutes in Mumbai

Check out the top Data science institute in Mumbai

Rise Institute

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Rise Institute is a leader in data science training in Mumbai. We have faculty with over 15 years of experience. Rise Institute primarily focuses on training, practical, and hands-on practice methods. We understand the market’s needs, which is why we created a customized course based on industry requirements. Our curriculum is built around the fundamental core concepts. It helps in the formation of a strong foundation for the students.

Rise Institute’s ability can be seen in its 100% placement record, which is why they are regarded as the best data science institute in Mumbai. They have been a long-term observer of data science education since their inception in 2012. Rise Institute’s qualities separates it from other data science institutes.

  • 100% Guaranteed Placements
  • Best training Modules
  • Live projects
  • Course Certification
  • Interview Preparation & Mock Interview
  • Notes & Codes
  • No Cost EMI Options Available
  • Innovative futuristic ideas
  • 20+ Modules for Data Science

The Rise Institute believes in the process. The best approach is to take it gradually. We take our time to meet each student’s needs in a variety of ways. We also offer one-on-one mentoring if needed. We do not allow our students to fall behind. Because the most recent technological tools are critical in digital marketing, we regularly update ourselves and our students to ensure that we are future-ready. Rise Institute also provides other courses

  • Machine Learning
  • Data Analytics
  • PowerBi
  • Python
  • SQL
  • AI ML

Concept of Rise Institute

  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Constant improvisation
  • Best learning environment
  • High level teaching
  • Top-notch training

Contact Details

  1. Name – Rise Institute
  2. Address – Office no 36, Akshar Geometrix Silver Christ Kamothe, near Khandeshhwar, Sector-25, Khandeshhwar, Railway Station, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410209
  3. Phone – 7972131295
  4. Website – riseinstitute.tech
  5. Email – contact@riseinstitute.tech

2. Intellipaat


Intellipaat is a large platform affiliated with IIT Madras, One of mumbai’s top-ranked college for data science and analytics programs. They offer 12 months of complete basics to advanced data science and analytics information. On Saturday and Sunday, their classes run from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Concept of Intellipaat


  • Full Support
  • Lifetime Access Course
  • Online Instructor-Led Classes
  • Online Practice labs

3. Simplilearn

According to the Economic Times, demand for data professionals has increased by 417%, while supply has increased by only 19%. Because of the supply shortage, average salaries have increased by around 45%.

Complete the Data Scientist Masters certificate through the Simplilearn Job Assist Program to gain access to these companies. Simplilearn provides data science training in Mumbai. The program can be completed in 5-6 months, with flexible scheduling options available on weekends and weekdays, allowing you to advance at your own pace.

4. Jigsaw Academy

Jigsaw Academy is a well-known online platform that provides various courses in data science, machine learning, and related fields. They offer both self-paced and instructor-led courses to help individuals develop skills in data analytics. Jigsaw Academy was commenced by Gaurav Vohra and Sarita Digumarti. The Academy has 50,000+ students in more than 30 countries and has helped many in building a career in data sciences. It was started in 2011 by them. It is one of the leading academies for data science courses in Mumbai.

Program Information

  • Course duration: 8 weeks/ 13 weekends
  • Class duration: 6 hours/12 hours
  • Access duration: 5months/5 months

5. Udemy

Udemy is the largest global platform for online learning programs, with a wide range of courses to meet a variety of needs. Udemy provides data science education around the world by offering top-tier certifications. Udemy ensures that individuals worldwide, including Mumbai and other cities in India, can access their comprehensive data science programs by offering a large selection of courses at reasonable prices.

Concept of Udemy

  • Online classes
  • Recorded lessons
  • Certification
  • Lifetime access

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best Institute of Data Science in Mumbai?

Answer – Rise Institute is Mumbai’s top data science institute. We distinguish ourselves through our 100% placement, dedicated mentorship program, customized course curriculum, and more than 15 years of experience. Our data science courses in Mumbai are offered both offline and online. We place a high value on creativity and innovation. Because the data science field is dynamic, we prepare our students accordingly.

Rise Institute believes in equal opportunity for all, and we believe that no child should be denied the opportunity to showcase their talents. Our EMI service serves as a small step toward social responsibility, bringing everyone up to speed.

  1. How much does a data scientist earn?

Answer – In today’s high-demand landscape, a data scientist can command an annual income of around 8,00,000 INR, reflecting the lucrative nature of this profession. The significance of undertaking data science courses in Mumbai and various cities across India is immense, as these courses not only impart valuable skills but also position individuals for top-tier job opportunities. The robust demand for data scientists underscores the pivotal role they play in leveraging data for strategic decision-making, making it a highly sought-after and rewarding career path.

  1. What much is the fees for the Data Science course at Rise Institute?

Answer – Our primary commitment is to educate students and empower them to achieve their goals. In keeping with this philosophy, our course plans begin at INR 45,000. The fee structure reflects the comprehensive course modules designed to improve understanding of the core concepts of digital marketing. Recognizing the financial challenges that students may face, we provide No Cost EMI access to ensure that everyone has access.

  1. Are data scientists and data engineers the same?

Answer – Within a data-driven organization, data scientists and data engineers may work closely together, but their roles are overlapping. Data scientists access and analyze data using the infrastructure built by data engineers, whereas data engineers focus on creating and maintaining the systems that enable data science work.